Sunday, October 31, 2010

CAWL 1st Annual Howl-O-Ween Costume Party and Parade

Yesterday I hung out at CAWL in Prince Frederick for a few hours snapping photos of all of the awesome dogs in their costumes. I was stationed outside for the majority of the time taking some portraits of the dogs in their costumes with the great backdrop the ladies of CAWL had set up, but I got to watch the parade and costume contest inside too, which was great! Here's some of the fun "extra" shots I snapped inside and outside. I hope everyone had a great time...I know I did! There were a lot of great costumes and well behaved dogs and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Plus, the weather was gorgeous!

If anyone is interested in purchasing a print of their dog seen here, please shoot me an email!


  1. Get right out of here with all this cute nonsense <3 GREAT PICS!!

  2. Haha there was a cuteness overflow! Thank you Bobbi! :)