Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vegas the Great Dane

Just after Thanksgiving we had Vegas and his buddy Junior down to the farm for some quick photos. The focus was definitely on the big guy, but there's a photo of Junior the hound thrown in as well. Vegas belongs to Mandy, a friend and past employee of my mom. She plans on showing this studly guy in the future, although I think that Vegas would rather hunting down scents in the grass and frolicking with our horses (that was interesting...the horses were absolutely terrified of this "mini" horse barking and corralling them up). Mandy, thank you for having your boys down...I had a great time following them around and laughing at Vegas. I hope you like these photos!

And just for the fun of it...some brotherly love.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week & SC!

I tried really, really hard to think up some neat Thanksgiving-ish blog post to do but unfortunately I came up with nothing. On one of those rainy downer days back in September I blogged about what I'm thankful for, so I can't really do that again. But Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays, so I guess I could just jot down a little list of some of the little things that have made me feel grateful lately :)

  • Our super cute Blue pony being a total rockstar lately
  • No class all week...so I can live in a make believe world where the semester is over for about 5 days
  • Getting to spend 4 wonderful days with my love and his awesome family in SC
  • As always, my Riley boy and Dustin's Lexi princess (Okay, and all of our other furballs too!)
  • The excitement of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom
  • Dustin having his first northern Thanksgiving with my family
  • All of the great pets and people I have been fortunate enough to photograph in the past few months
  • The fact that I'm a little over a semester away from graduating college (Although this one is equally as scary as it is exciting/something to be thankful for!)
  • The unusually warm weather
  • And last but definitely not least...my family...as always :)

Okay enough with the boring stuff...here's some photos from South Carolina! The cows belong to Dustin and his best friend Jayson, the dog that looks like he has no ears (but who actually does haha) is Mick and he belongs to Jayson and his wife Ashley, and of course Lexi and Riley are easily recognizable (or should be at least!). I hope everyone has a fantastic Turkey day! Look for an exciting blog post with photos of a super handsome Great Dane named Vegas next weekend!

That's a happy dog...

Adventures from the Lexi perspective...

Playtime with Mick makes Riley's tongue do this...

Mick has the most gorgeous eyes and a killer doggie smile :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Products | Gallery Wrap Canvas & Session Album

As promised, here's a few other products I'll be offering my clients. Today you'll be seeing the beautiful Gallery Wrap Canvas and the classic Session Album.

Gallery Wrap Canvas
Gallery wraps offer a fun, modern way of presenting your beautiful artwork on the walls of your home. The image is printed on fine art canvas, wrapped around the wood frame, and preserved with a UV-light protective coating. Gallery wrap canvas's come with a wire hanger in the back, ready to hang the moment it arrives home.

Session Album
The session album is a larger, more inclusive reminder of your session? The 12x12 session album is another high-end product available for you to cherish the memories from your entire session, as it includes approximately 35 to 40 photos. Paired with a timeless and clean layout, the session album also has thick lay flat pages (much thicker than the coffee table book) with no gutter. Session albums allow for more flexibility in cover options than coffee table books. While custom photo covers are available, other options include Classic Leather, Alligator Leather, Vintage Leather, and Suede, all offered in a variety of rich tones.

Classy black leather cover and thick pages

Quite possibly the coolest looking spread ever! (Well not ever, but I think it's pretty neat!)

Thick, beautiful lay-flat pages

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family | The Smiths

Josh and Gemma were married just about two months ago at the beautiful Running Hare Vineyard in Prince Frederick. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and this new chapter in their lives is very exciting...I really think they are a fantastic couple and compliment each other so well. So of course when Gemma asked me if I would take pictures of them for their first Christmas card, I was definitely in! Plus, they've recently added a new addition to the family...a precious little Yorkie they call Maggie. We met at Jefferson Patterson Park along the Patuxent River on Sunday evening and I can't wait to go back...I hadn't been since I was little and it's just a gorgeous place for portraits. Anyway, onto the photos. Gemma and Josh, it was great to see you and Maggie! Have a great first holiday season together as a married couple! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sisters | Bobbi and Rikki

I'm finally ready to share the second of my three session weekend marathon. Sunday started out great when I met Bobbi and Rikki at my neighbors property for some pictures they'd like to gift to their parents for Christmas. We had a beautiful morning with some really pretty light and lots of gorgeous fall colors, and Rikki and Bobbi were so much fun and definitely kept me laughing. To top it off, Bobbi even brought soy chocolate milk from Starbucks and some muffin top thingies from Panera...obviously she knows the way to my heart is through my stomach. Gotta love it haha :)

RikkiBobbi (any Will Ferrell fan will get that), I had such a great time with you guys and hope that you and your family enjoy the pictures! I definitely look forward to spending more time with you both, and thanks for being so hilarious and fun! ("Umm, I'm not sure what to do with my hands.")