Thursday, July 1, 2010

Arch and Riley with the Telephoto

Here are the first photo's I took when I found the 70-300. I really liked the bokeh in these but was still so unsure of how exactly to use the lens best, so these are not amazing but like I said, I'm so in love with the big beautiful green bokeh :)


Sunset Cruise on Pax River

I'm pretty late posting these just because I've been so busy at school, but Ryan, my brother and I spent a good few hours out on the river a few weeks ago and I got these with a new lens I found hanging around the house. This is with a 70-300 Nikkor and I really like it. I've also gotten some good ones of the dogs with this lens and will need to post those. I just need to fine tune learning how to focus is correctly but I'm getting there.

These came out alright I think. Especially once the sun started dropping a little, the lighting looked awesome, but I need to learn the lens a little better.

Anyways, enjoy a little piece of one of my favorite places to be! Nothing beats the river. :)