Sunday, October 31, 2010

CAWL 1st Annual Howl-O-Ween Costume Party and Parade

Yesterday I hung out at CAWL in Prince Frederick for a few hours snapping photos of all of the awesome dogs in their costumes. I was stationed outside for the majority of the time taking some portraits of the dogs in their costumes with the great backdrop the ladies of CAWL had set up, but I got to watch the parade and costume contest inside too, which was great! Here's some of the fun "extra" shots I snapped inside and outside. I hope everyone had a great time...I know I did! There were a lot of great costumes and well behaved dogs and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Plus, the weather was gorgeous!

If anyone is interested in purchasing a print of their dog seen here, please shoot me an email!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall + New Website + CAWL!

Last weekend we had the most gorgeous weather! It was warmer than it usually is this time of year, but the leaves are starting to turn and the air is so fresh and free of moisture (unfortunately this week has been a different story). Saturday and Sunday I snapped off a few photos of the pups enjoying the great temperatures, and even got one of Sherman. He is really starting to show his age...I was surprised at how old he looks in this photo! I can't believe he will be 13 in November...geeze the time flies! He sleeps and cuddles a lot more than he used to but he's still got plenty of get up and go!

In other exciting news, I finally launched my website! You can check it out here. It's been a lot of hard work, a lot of doing and re-doing, revisions and editing (big thank you to my Aunt Mei Mei for her sharp marketing eye and help editing) and a few long nights this week trying to get some problems solved. So I'm happy to finally have it done and the issues resolved, but I've still got some things to tweak and pages to add here and there. And while this is a major thing off of my BBP to do list, I've still got a lot to do!

And one last note...this Saturday I'll be at the Calvert Animal Welfare League from 11-2 taking photos of the pets in their costumes for the 1st Annual Howl-O-Ween Costume Party and Contest. Come out and enjoy the company of good people and great pups this Halloween weekend!

On to the pictures!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cousins | Ty and Hank

Fall is in full swing and the weather has been very good to us this weekend...finally! We've endured a lot of rain but finally it really feels and looks like fall outside. Yesterday afternoon I met up with my good friend Lena, her boyfriends sister Amanda and her son Hank, and Amanda's brother's wife Kim and her son Ty (I know that probably sounds a little confusing, but it's really not...promise hehe). At almost 2.5 Ty took to the camera a little better than Hank (who is a little over 1), just because I guess he understood what the camera was all about. Hank on the other hand, was pretty much on his own schedule and kept us all laughing with his inquisitive and comical faces. The bottom line: these two are precious and are definitely going to have the little girls swooning in about ten years. Ten years that will probably go very quickly! And I can only imagine all of the fun they will be getting in together! Thanks so much to Amanda and Kim for letting me hang out with you guys and your boys yesterday, and to Lena for coordinating the whole deal!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYC & The Hamptons

Well, I survived my midterms and Thursday finally came. AND...I managed to stay away from all of the fun photography stuff and focus on my school work! Success :) So anyways, despite the downpour the entire way and one little confusing pit stop off of the Jersey Turnpike, Mom and I finally made it to NYC and we were surprised at how quickly we did! Without the rain and the mix-up off of the Turnpike I think we could have made it there in an easy 3 hours.

I'm convinced that this is one of the best times of the year to be in New York City...or really New York period. The air was so crisp and fresh and made me feel as energetic as such a crazy busy city. Central Park was beautiful and the city is so fascinating to me. I mean we all know I'm no city girl and have a hard time hanging with the go-go-go mentality but it's the coolest place to visit and I wish we had more time to explore and shop and stuff.

We headed out to the Hamptons on Friday afternoon and the Hamptons are prettttttttttty much to die for. I was crazy about the laid-back, quaint feel to each of the little towns we drove through, and the fact that it's just got such an authentic New England nautical vibe going on is just so cool. Actually I'm not even sure New York qualifies as being New England but that's the easiest way for me to describe it so just bare with me...haha. There's so much character in everything...the buildings, the fields, all of the awesome old antique shops and even the high-end shops situated in the old's awesome. Everything I saw would make an awesome backdrop for some beautiful portraits...there was inspiration everywhere and it didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous.

Anyways, it was so great spending time with my god mother, her husband, and her mother. I really don't get to see them enough and I appreciate the time we do get to spend together so very much. I even got a fun little belated birthday gift from this summer. It's a gorgeous Italian (like legit from Italy!) photo album and now I'm faced with the challenge of finding nice enough photos to put in it!

So enough rambling, here's the photos. I'm going to assume the city and Hamptons pictures are easy enough to distinguish lol.

Keep an eye out this weekend for a fun blog post filled with two adorable toddlers!

PS. Is it just me or does my mom look like a total rock star in that rooftop picture?!