Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lyla Rae

I've probably mentioned them 100 times but Blaize and Rob have been good friends of mine since high school, and yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing their precious 2-year-old daughter Lyla. Although it wasn't exactly a pretty day, we met in Solomons in the afternoon and as always, I had so much fun spending time with one of my favorite little families :) Rob and Blaize are such great people and Lyla is one lucky little girl because she is so loved. At 2, it's really fun watching her start to come into her own. She is getting SO vocal and she's absolutely hilarious. She had us laughing the whole time and I really just wanted to take her home with me when we were done!

Rob and Blaize, thanks so much for letting me hang out with you and Miss Lyla Rae yesterday. You three made my day and I am so very appreciative of your friendship :)

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