Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friday Five

I know it's a Sunday, but I wrote this Wednesday in advance for Friday, then promptly got a really awful virus on my computer and had to take it to the computer dudes to work their magic on it for 2 days. So bear with me for this Friday Five on Sunday haha.

A little about the Friday's semi-popular among photographers with blogs, and maybe a bit over-done, but its totally new for me and it's something I've wanted to start doing for a while. Basically, Fridays are the bomb and since the purpose of this blog is not only to share my photography, but a bit of my personality/personal life stuff too, I'm hoping these lists will fill everyone in on some of the cool things I'm into lately, what's on my mind, and give me a way to share some good ideas/things/etc. that you all may not have known about otherwise.

So, for the inaugural Friday Five...
  1. To-do lists
    Yup, I'm a list freak. Especially at this time of the year, and this point in the semester, I really don't know how I would ever get through life without a list of things to accomplish everyday. Lists keep me organized and help me feel like I'm actually getting things done. Crossing things off is so liberating and motivates me to keep plugging along. Don't get me wrong...sometimes lists can be overwhelming, specifically when I write my list for the week (usually in my Monday night class...while paying attention...yanno) and it's the front and back of a normal lined notebook paper. Most often I want to repeatedly bang my head into my desk, but at the end of the week when I've usually crossed out about 80% of those things, I feel pretty badass! Anybody else a list junkie?

  2. Sealed With A Fish Inc.
    Sealed With A Fish Inc. is a new venture of a friend (Mary Theresa) of a friend (Blaize). Since Blaize's wedding this summer, I've gotten to hang out with MT a lot and she is so fun, energetic, genuine, and creative, and it really shows in the fun stuff she creates, too. I didn't know she was so crafty but a few weeks ago she officially launched her new shop on Etsy and as you can see, her stuff is so charming with a beachy and vintagey touch to it. And she has the coolest name ever for her business...I love it! I've had so much fun showing off my ring and bracelet I bought from her. Below is the bracelet.

  3. Thanksgiving & Christmas time!
    There's really not much to say here...I just love this time of the year and all of the holiday decorations and pretty things. I know the malls get more crowded and you have to figure out what to get who, but I love decorating for Christmas, cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and giving people gifts :) Plus you get to spend extra time (and less time at work/school) with family and loved ones.

  4. Tumblr
    This week I ran into a blog post from another photographer who suggested using Tumblr as a way to collect inspirational pictures, quotes, videos, recipes, etc. So that's just what I've done. You can find my tumblr here, and it's a really easy and user-friendly way to put all of those things you see and think "Ohh, that's pretty" into one place. That way you're not bookmarking out the wazoo and totally lost when it comes to looking back for something you thought was a really good idea, inspirational, or something you wanted to try. I guess when you're kind of a design junkie like me...stuff like this is cool. So if you're not, then don't judge haha.

  5. New blog!
    This goes more with news kind of...but I have decided at the beginning of 2011 to take the leap and go for a new in move off of blogger and onto my domain. I am really excited about this transition as the blog has become such a great communication tool and a really awesome way for me to connect with people and share so much more than just photos...I can voice a bit of the story behind them and include other fun personal things as well. So get excited for 2011! :)
Since every post is better with pictures, here's a few of my Ry-guy and the roses that keep surviving the sub-freezing temperatures (is it just me or is that weird?). I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. 1. I love lists. And my planner. Borderline unhealthy how much I use it.

    2. Christmas and Thanksgiving is so much fun. Wonderful time to celebrate having who we have in our lives!

    3. Your blog is awesome. Move it if you will but I WILL KEEP READING!

  2. i'm glad im not the only list lover here!! i have lists everywhere!! lol