Thursday, September 2, 2010

New pics of the boys!

Saturday I took the camera out to the pier with Riley to get a few shots. I hadn't taken any pictures of him on the pier in a while, and I've been playing with the lens and figured it'd make for a nice background and great bokeh. Turns out, the pictures on the pier ended up being more funny than anything (you can see them on my Facebook), but I got some great one's of those perfect lab eyes on our way out.

On our way back in, we found Mom taking Arch for a dip in the pool, and these shots ensued.

And inside, I was able to grab this of Sherman.

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday!

Ps. If you aren't already...follow me on my adventure of learning to use Twitter to promote my photography (or at least practice using it so that I can promote my photography one day when I actually have something to promote).

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