Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, done.

Yay! My Facebook photography page has it's own username now! Check it out and become a fan here.

In other news, no photos to update with tonight, but I do have several portfolio building sessions in the planning stages and am SO excited to see how those go. Andddd, this weekend my awesome boyfriend and his adorable son will be gracing the state of Maryland with all of their southern-ness and that means two things. 1. A very happy me, and 2. Tons of adorable photo ops :) So be on the lookout for an update Monday.

I'm officially into week three of school and Wednesday's are such a long day, but they seriously get the creative juices flowing. I spend 2.5 hours in Digital Publishing with Dr. Thom Lieb, then another 2.5 hours in Photojournalism with Monica Lopossay (Google her, she's an awesome photojournalist who has worked for The Baltimore Sun). Both are awesome professors with a wealth of knowledge and major passion for journalism and photography and I truly enjoy their classes. I can't wait to see what kinds of awesome projects and photographs I have to show for the semester when it ends in December, not to mention a great graduate portfolio website (hopefully). As for my photography website, I think I'll stick with the temporary Wix website until I for sure know I can be successful at this...probably by the start of 2011 after I get a good few months of portfolio building in and am better able to gauge how this is all working out for me.

In the mean time, I'd really like to find a good reliable print lab to outsource printing to...any suggestions?

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