Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week & SC!

I tried really, really hard to think up some neat Thanksgiving-ish blog post to do but unfortunately I came up with nothing. On one of those rainy downer days back in September I blogged about what I'm thankful for, so I can't really do that again. But Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays, so I guess I could just jot down a little list of some of the little things that have made me feel grateful lately :)

  • Our super cute Blue pony being a total rockstar lately
  • No class all week...so I can live in a make believe world where the semester is over for about 5 days
  • Getting to spend 4 wonderful days with my love and his awesome family in SC
  • As always, my Riley boy and Dustin's Lexi princess (Okay, and all of our other furballs too!)
  • The excitement of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom
  • Dustin having his first northern Thanksgiving with my family
  • All of the great pets and people I have been fortunate enough to photograph in the past few months
  • The fact that I'm a little over a semester away from graduating college (Although this one is equally as scary as it is exciting/something to be thankful for!)
  • The unusually warm weather
  • And last but definitely not least...my family...as always :)

Okay enough with the boring stuff...here's some photos from South Carolina! The cows belong to Dustin and his best friend Jayson, the dog that looks like he has no ears (but who actually does haha) is Mick and he belongs to Jayson and his wife Ashley, and of course Lexi and Riley are easily recognizable (or should be at least!). I hope everyone has a fantastic Turkey day! Look for an exciting blog post with photos of a super handsome Great Dane named Vegas next weekend!

That's a happy dog...

Adventures from the Lexi perspective...

Playtime with Mick makes Riley's tongue do this...

Mick has the most gorgeous eyes and a killer doggie smile :)

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