Friday, February 19, 2010

Riley, Archie, and the remnants of the double blizzards

Two weeks ago, our area was slammed by two blizzards within days of each other. Unfortunately, the Nikon was getting some work done, and even more unfortunately, when I finally got it back, not much of the snow had melted. I'm all for some great snow shots but am totally over all of this snow, so I can't say I would have been heartbroken if I had missed the snow photo opportunity. It really is just too much snow.

Anyways, I got some great shots of the boys playing today (and even two of my mare Bella...shes for sale!). I really like the way these came out and am enjoying my new Adobe Lightroom software, but feel like maybe I was a little overzealous and post processed a little too much. I'll tone it back next time. Enjoy!

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